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Date: 2014-12-08

Do you know what is the status of the battery in your car? For most drivers battery is invisible unless damaged. But if the engine does not start, it may be too late for routine maintenance. Fortunately, there are simple things that drivers can do now to prepare their batteries for the winter months. Dr. Eberhard Meissner, an expert on batteries in Johnson Controls, one of the largest manufacturers of automotive starter batteries in the world, offers the following three tips:

1. How can I avoid the emergence of problems in starting my car in the winter?

     Your battery should be tested regularly. You might want to check your battery in our service.
     It is important to clean the battery cover and the terminals with anti-static cloth. This will prevent unwanted electrical discharge through moisture come into contact with the terminals.
     You must also make sure that a good electrical connection by checking the terminals of the conclusions and retighten them if necessary.
     Better battery charge, to drive longer distances with your vehicle. When driving a short distance, the battery can not be fully charged and thus increases the risk of damage. This is due to large energy consumers, such as heaters rear window, heated cabin and fans - especially when you stop at traffic lights or when stuck in traffic.

2. If I happen battery fails, what is the right way to start an aid car?

     The ignition must be switched off in two cars - in the running car and the car to be started.

How to use the cord to start:

1. Connect the red cable to the positive terminal start (plus) of the discharged battery.
2. Connect the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal start of the jump.
3. The black cable must first be connected to the negative terminal (minus) of the auxiliary battery.
4. The other end should be connected to an unpainted part of the vehicle chassis in the engine compartment of the vehicle to be started.

     Start the engine of the working car.
     Make sure cables are away from the fan or the fan belt.
     Do not start Broken car while first not start the engine of the working car.
     Once the engine starts, remove the cables in reverse order of the order in which they were connected.

  Boarding start: Remember 3 things

     The batteries of both cars must have the same nominal voltage. Please make sure that you check the label. DO NOT try auxiliary starting a car with a standard 12-volt electrical system of the truck with 24-volt electrical system or vice versa.
     Cables to start must be connected in the correct order.
     The engine of the working car must be started and running before being activated ignition of the car to be started. This avoids depletion of the working battery.

   It is important to note: You must follow the advice of the manufacturer of the car, which can be found in the instruction manual. If the manufacturer has provided special positive or negative service terminal in the vehicle, it should be used.

3. If my battery is exhausted and need a new battery, can I make replacement herself / himself?

A few years ago it was quite easy to replace the battery yourself / a. Now the complex electrical systems in cars keep growing needs for comfort, fun and environmentally friendly technologies such as Start-Stop. Often require special tools and skills to the battery can be replaced correctly. For example, in many cars will need to register your new battery in the electronics of the car after being replaced - which can be quite complex process.If break the circuit between the battery and the computer of the car, it can lead to data loss in government modules and entertainment system avtomobila.Mozhe need to be programmed again some components such as radio and automatic windows.

Another challenge that you will encounter if you are replacing the battery alone / a, is to find the exact location of the vehicle. Can be under the hood or in the trunk or hidden compartment.

To facilitate the replacement of your battery, take the vehicle serviced or authorized repair center. Professionals who work with cars and batteries will also know exactly who battery is best for your vehicle.



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